Pablo Pascal Dating

Pablo Pascal Dating

Is Pedro Pascal dating anyone? Mystery behind his wife, relationship rumors with Lena Headey and the baby

Pedro Pascal (Getty Images)

Pedro Pascal sprinkles magic on the big screen with his splendid performances. From his breakout ‘Game of Thrones’ performance to the power-packed 'The Mandalorian' role, the 45-year-old has captivated many hearts and is now in the news for his role of Max Lord in 'Wonder Woman 1984'.

How did he get the part? Pedro told Variety in an exclusive interview, “It was a f**king offer. It will never happen again. I did a brilliant pilot with Patty that Charles Randolph wrote called “Exposed,” with this unbelievable cast: Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Ben Barnes, Brían F O’Byrne, Fran Kranz. It was so well written and it didn’t get picked up, but I got to work with Patty for like three days or something and then thought I’d never see her again.”

In another interview, he described his character as “a Gordon Gekko-type, without the polish, I would say. When Patty [Jenkins, WW84 director] and I discussed him, we thought that would be the right look, except he’s not cool, and I thought, well, that’s much better for me!”

He added, “My first introduction to the character was Patty and Geoff’s script, and there was such a very specific vision to the kind of character that he is in this telling of Wonder Woman. And then I started to understand the different, generational versions of Max Lord, and which ones to lean into. Obviously, in this case, the ’80s version in this, like, you know, brilliant…”

Did you know the Chilean-born actor bounced from shooting the Netflix series ‘Narcos’ to action franchises ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ and ‘The Equalizer 2’? As more viewers get set to watch the movie, here's a glimpse of his early life and personal details.

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How did he wish to be an actor? Pedro told Variety, “I knew that way early. So much so that, I mean, I remember lying to kids and telling them that I was in ‘The Lost Boys’. Seeing Christian Bale’s silhouette in a poster for ‘Empire of the Sun’ and the children in ‘Poltergeist’ when I was in San Antonio and Henry Thomas in ‘ET’, all around the same age — it’s just like, I want to live those stories, too. So it started out that way. Then it’s actually something that you can do in a practical way, which satisfied my parents. It took the place of swimming as an extracurricular activity and kept me out of the f*cking house, wanting to watch TV all day.”

Who is Pedro Pascal?

Pedro was raised by child psychologist mom Verónica Pascal Ureta father, José Balmaceda, who is a fertility doctor. He grew up with his older sister, Javiera, his younger brother, Nicolás, and younger brother Lucas Balmaceda, who is an actor in Chile. As a kid, he loved swimming but stopped taking part in competitions at 11 when he developed a penchant for dramatics. He studied acting at the Orange County School of the Arts and New York University's Tisch School of the Arts.

Talking about his childhood, he told Variety, “San Antonio, for one, is very, very multicultural. All of Texas really is. Being South American — although it can be all so different from one another — there’s still such connecting fabric for the Latino community. So my direct influence even before I started to visit Chile more regularly was that of Mexico and Mexican American culture. I was in the public schools there, and I didn’t fare very well. I was in trouble a lot. I just remember school being kind of a nightmare until high school, where subjects just got a little bit more interesting, I guess.”

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He soon paved his path to the world of glitz and glamor and moved to New York in 1993. The actor has been seen in shows like ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’, ‘The Good Wife’, ‘Homeland’, ‘The Mentalist’, and ‘Graceland’. In June 2013, he was cast in ‘Game of Thrones’ and he later went on to confess he was a huge fan of the show before getting a role. Interestingly, in April 2015, Pascal starred with Heidi Klum in the mystical music video for Sia's ‘Fire Meet Gasoline’.

Did Pedro Pascal date Lena Headey?

During his stint on ‘Game of Thrones’ in 2014, gossip mills speculated that he was dating co-star Lena Headey. Although Headey went on to marry Peter Loughran and the couple gave birth to a son named Wylie. Headey went on to divorce her husband in 2012 after five years of marriage. Daily Mail reported that “they negotiated a divorce a year later after a bitter wrangle over money.”

The two were spotted together quite often and it sparked speculation that they were an item. In fact, Pedro couldn't hide his admiration when asked about their close friendship in a Reddit Q&A last year. “Lena is one of my favorite persons. And she is so funny and so smart, such a good person, a good friend and a good mother,” he said, adding, “I think everyone on that set and anyone who comes in contact with her develops an instant crush.”

When Lena was pregnant for a second time, many speculated he was the father of her baby. However, the pair never confirmed a romance and there is no proof of that. In September 2013, Pascal captioned an Instagram post, “She makes me smile goofy.”

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Is Pedro Pascal dating anyone?

It's quite peculiar that many fans think he has a mystery wife. However, it's not true. If reports are to be believed, Pedro was rumored to be dating ‘Emergence’ actress Maria Dizzia in 1990 who played his partner in the movie 'Law and Order'. According to celeb gossip mills, their relationship didn't last and the two parted ways shortly afterward. Currently, Maria is married to playwright Will Eno and has a daughter named Albertine.

Going by another website, he was rumored to be dating his 'The Mentalist' co-star, Robin Tunney. The couple was often spotted having breakfast and strolling the streets in Hollywood. However, none of them ever confirmed the reports. Right now, there aren't any records of his relationships and he is touted to be single.

Talking about his life and ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ in the Variety interview, he also said, “As you get even further into your 40s, I’m catching myself, a little too much so, feeling nostalgia. I wasn’t a kid who wasn’t allowed television. I wasn’t a kid that wasn’t allowed all of the things that decorate the experience of this movie. I was being literally raised and shaped by it to a certain degree.”