How Tall Is Ashanti

How tall is Ashanti

American Singer best known for songs such as Foolish, Rock Wit U, Only U and Rain on Me. As an actress she has appeared in John Tucker Must Die, Coach Carter and The Muppets Wizard of Oz. On twitter she mentioned her weight, saying “right now bout 137 lol #itsthethighs”

How tall is Ashanti

Photo by PR Photos

How tall is Ashanti

Ashanti and Nelly
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Average Guess (4 Votes)
5ft 2.94in (159.9cm)
Jade Pixie said on 2/Oct/22
I think Ashanti should be put in the Pop singers category.

Zampo said on 26/Oct/18
This caught me by surprise. Thought she was maybe 5’5 but admittedly this was when I thought Ja Rule was about 5’8 range way back. Can’t believe she just recently turned 38! I remember that once the Spice Girls went into hiatus all the girls at school jumped on the Ashanti bandwagon. That’s my distinct memory of her aside from the big-hits with Ja Rule during the early 00s.

wiltonstilts said on 2/May/13
5’3 indeed!

apokolypzx said on 22/Jun/09
I have a photo with Ashanti and Beyonce and Ashanti is alot shorter only an inch taller than Miley Cyrus. Beyonce is way tall more 5ft 7in. All were wearing heels.

Corey said on 6/Nov/08
no, Ashanti is nowhere near the height of Beyonce. Ashanti is near 5’3′ and Beyonce is 5’6′

eknock0322 said on 17/Oct/08
Ashanti is atleast 5ft 4in.5. She is about the same height of Beyonce (5ft5in-6inch)and also in the movies Ashanti has played in she is like 5’5 and she don’t be having heels on. Thanks

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eknock0322 said on 17/Oct/08
Personally, Ashanti S. Douglas is not really that short, she has to be atleast 5’4.5 to 5’6.5. In her rain on me performance, without shoes she stands atleast 5’4.5. So the information on these other websites are inaccurate. So get at me. now

Anna said on 17/Aug/08
I’d say shes a little taller than that.Like 5’4

rose said on 22/Jul/08
don’t forget the shoes.. ashanti always wear high heels because she’s really short.. i agree that she’s 5’3 .

Lovely K said on 1/Jul/08
Ashanti is 5’5. My cousin sings as a backup singer for her. My cousin is 5’3 and ashanti stands at least 2 inches taller then her.

B Serious said on 12/Jun/08
Sure, measure a girl with pumps on by the shortest guy in the room. That’s reliable enough for me. lol.

Part of the fame, for women, is having a tight shoe game, and what is the name of that hot shoe designer that makes all of those flats? Oh yeah, he/she does not exist yet.
Catch Ashanti or Mary J. Blige in candid pics, not the glamour-puss shots when everything is put together by their cousin/stylist (down to their underwear), and then i will believe the great heights some credit them with when walking on stilts.

BTW, Ashanti was just on Regis and Kelly on the streets of NYC and from the pic angles I saw she was the shortest of the trio, stilts included.

C. said on 11/May/08
She is about 5’3″, no less. Ja Rule is not that much taller than her.

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Nain Valasquez said on 4/May/08
Wow I thoought that Ashanti was about 5’7 or 5’8. She’s kinda short. It’s a amazing that Rihanna is taller than she.

dee said on 1/Mar/08
i just saw her on 106 and park and she and roxie are about the same height and roxie is really short so she probably is 5’3

S.P said on 15/Jan/08
yo in, Pac’s Life video ft t.i and ashanti, near the end it shows them shaking hands and t.i is practically towerin hur he’s only 5’8, so ashanti 5’3 is abt rite. n ja rules a wee c*ckspace, n probs is only about 5’3.

sofia said on 11/Dec/07
k fredd says on 14/Jun/07
ashanti is definently 5’5, bcuz in her happy video she is almost taller than ja rule

if shes taller that jarule then shes over 5.6 cos jarule is 5.6

Anonymous said on 16/Nov/07
there is no no no way that she is 5’3″! Have you seen John Tucker Must Die? Brittany Snow is only 5’2″ or 5’3″ and she is much taller that Ashanti.

tony said on 31/Aug/07
I saw her in Rome, and she could not be taller then 5 feet

k fredd said on 14/Jun/07
ashanti is definently 5’5, bcuz in her happy video she is almost taller than ja rule

mandy said on 5/Mar/07
I do think she is 5’3 or shorter i dont think shes 5’5..she admits in interveiws that shes short and i dont think she would be saying that if she was average height of 5’5.

YeahItsMe said on 26/Jan/07
No, Beyonce is taller than Ashanti. Ashanti is really short, so 5’3″ is pretty accurate. She’s not 5’5″, because I’m like 5’5″ and a half/5’6″, and she’s way shorter than me lol.

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Elizabeth said on 12/Dec/06
I watched the episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch today where Ashanti made a guest appearance and appeared to be 1-2 inches taller than Melissa Joan Hart. I think 5’3″ is probably accurate for her, since Melissa is listed at 5’2″. At the most she’s a half inch or inch taller than listed here.

vixen said on 2/Dec/06
Anonymous, sometimes song lyrics aren’t really that reliable as far as height goes. I think he mentions 5’5″ just for the sake of flowing. If you listen to Mya’s “Free”, she says the exact same thing: “5’5, brown eyes”.

I have absolutely NO idea how tall Ashanti is. I would have thought she was like 5’3″. She looks kinda small.

Glenn said on 19/Nov/06
Saw her 24 hours ago.seemed 5-3.
mandy said on 29/Oct/06
its possible times she does look short. it is believeable.

Anonymous said on 16/Aug/06
rob in one of ja rule song ‘down 4 u’ he metions ashanti is 5’5″ brown eyes

tweety said on 5/Jun/06
ashanti and beyonce iz really close in height and b iz 5’6 so ashanti gotta be round 5’5 , 5’6

KwAda said on 28/Apr/06
My aunT was a body guard for her once and asked her for her height she is Exactley 5’5

J said on 20/Feb/06
I thought she was about 5′ 5. 5′ 3. hmmm.

ash said on 20/Jun/05
when i met her she looked tall but that was bcoz she had some hight hills on. Is she realy that tall – 5ft 3 in ?